Thinking about Halloween

I kinda love Halloween.  I always have.  I was lucky to have a mom who made all my costumes, and made them awesomely.  If she ever bought a store costume, she would always enhance it.  Definitely one of my childhood favorites.  So, when I became a mom, I wanted to do the same.  If my kiddos wanted to be something, I would do everything in my power to make it awesome.  As it turns out, my oldest son has always challenged me.  As soon as he was old enough to choose what he wanted to be for Halloween, he chose a laundry basket.  Yes, a laundry basket… laundry basket  I assumed after that Halloween, maybe he would be something a little less… well, bulky or laundry related.  Boy was I wrong.  The next year he wanted to be a washing machine.  All these choices might lead you to believe my eldest is a neat freak, or at least kinda neat.. Nope.  If there’s anything I’ve learned from boys, they’re the opposite of neat and orderly.  washing machine  Yep.  A washing machine.  As a grown up, I  can’t even imagine trick or treating in this costume.  Here are a few other costumes I’ve whipped up.  angry bird deathstroke halloween lorax

So this year, I was pretty excited.  My 3 year old is finally old enough to make a choice on what he would like to dress up as.  He has been very persistent and wanting to be a pumpkin.  Seriously, a pumpkin?!  Someone needs to tell this child I like a challenge!!

How do you celebrate Halloween?  Do you decorate yourself?  Your family?  Your house?  I love hearing about Halloween.  Let me hear it!


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